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  Mission Statement  

To ensure every student makes adequate yearly progress.

  About The School  

The Lion's Den

Carter-Parramore Academy is located in the southernmost part of the City of Quincy in one of Gadsden County's oldest historical African-American neighborhoods that was once comprised of well-known and established business people, educators, and leaders. The Carter-Parramore Academy complex serves as the Gadsden School System's official alternative education site, however, we have some of the most highly achieved ranked students that are on-campus that preferred a more smaller setting. Locally, the site serves students from the townships and communities of Quincy, Havana, Gretna, Midway, Greensboro, Chattahoochee, and surrounding areas. The students are offered the opportunity to withdraw from neighboring home schools and remain at Carter-Parramore until they are eligible to graduate. However, whenever students fulfill their obligations, whether academic or behavioral, they may leave any of the services provided.

Currently, the Academy provides academic, dropout prevention, teenage parent, childcare, and expulsion school services for a diverse population of students ranging from fourth to twelfth grades. Limited health, legal, and counseling services are also provided through the Gadsden County Health Department, Capital City Youth Services, and the Department of Juvenile Justice. There are three (3) different educational programs for students who have special needs in the areas of discipline, learning alternatives, teenage parenting, and emotional and/or mental well-being. These programs operate autonomously as Schools within Schools and fall directly under the supervision of the Principal of Carter-Parramore Academy. Two programs that support students' needs are the Teenage Parent Program and Boldstep Infant Care Centre for children of teenage parents enrolled in the school district, with priority given to students enrolled at Carter-Parramore Academy for alternative education. HOPE ACADEMY, at the southernmost end of campus, houses students who have been expelled and alternatively placed by the school board or court system for committing zero tolerance infractions or who need very close supervision for behavioral reasons. Currently, the complex has an enrollment of 215 plus students which fluctuates weekly due to withdrawals or enrollments of new and returning students from various local sites and/or juvenile facilities.

The school, as an alternative site, has been in existence since 2003-2004. In 2010-2011, the school received its first school improvement rating - maintaining - from the FLDOE. In 2011-2012 however the rating was lowered to "declining" due to a decrease in the school's mathematics performance. The school was previously rated as "declining" in 2008-2009 and 2009-2010. From 2013-present, the school has improved and gained each year on test rankings, academic achievements, decreased behavior issues including our graduation rate that has also provided gain to our local high schools (East and West Gadsden). This year's goal is to continue to move the school to "improving".

Note: Each year students must reapply to enter the alternative program, which often results in a new student body and less than 50% of the previous student population returns. Commitments from students and parents will assure that each year will not be a renewal, but a continuation of what has already been started and accomplished.